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Thank you for visiting our web site. Maine Gas has been in business since 1980 and is a full service gas appliance company providing professional quality service for all non-electric appliances.
  • RETROFIT BURNERS - $181.25 (with exchange) (For Servel)
  • TURBULATORS - $18.20 (For Servel)
  • DOOR GASKET MATERIAL - PER FOOT - $4.40 (For Servel)
  • SERVEL SERVICE MANUAL - $31.30 (For Servel)
  • THERMOCOUPLES (for New Retrofit) - $20.00 (For Servel)
  • BURNER BARREL $31.30 (For Servel)
  • BURNER BARREL LOCK - $5.70 (For Servel)
  • CHIMNEY BRUSH - $31.30
  • IN-SHOP SERVICING/CLEANING (plus any parts) (Consuls Only) - $156.30

You should treat your Servel burner with care. It is the last original burner you will ever have. If the shut-off valve (Klixon) works and the rest of the burner is intact, it should operate for many years. We can also recharge all makes of gas operated refrigerators. We have found that in most cases, the best way to repair or replace a part is for you to ship us your old part to go by. The numbers on Servel burners and orifices no longer have any meaning to us. If you cannot repair the old Servel burner, you need a new Retrofit Burner. These burners fit any Servel/Whirlpool. They work equally as well as the original and are a delight to light. Simply light a match, push a button and it’s lit: When ordering replacement parts be sure to include the Model Number, BTU rating and the operating altitude.

All orders are shipped immediately upon receipt of certified check, upon clearance of your personal check or we will ship C.O.D. Shipping and handling charges are extra.

If you need any additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 207-732-5361. We'll be happy to help in any way.

Thanks again for your interest.

Contact us before you make your next purchase.

Consul & Danby Parts
SKU: CR-118-R - $18.70
SKU: CR-208 - $21.20
SKU: CR-216-Retro - $325.00
SKU: CR-212 - $21.20
SKU: CR-213 - $16.20
SKU: CR-209-Q - $50.00
SKU: CR-203 - $25.00
SKU: CR-232-l - $56.20
SKU: CR-207-H - $50.00
SKU: CR-202-CH - $37.50
SKU: CR-216-NEW - $312.50
SKU: CR-205-R - $37.50

Arthur Gauthier has retired after 50 years of service with gas refrigerators. The business will now be passed on to his son-in-law Richie Nelson who has worked beside Art for the past five years.

1228 Longridge Road
Burlington, Maine 04417
Phone (207) 732-5361 
Ritchie Nelson - 207-403-0026